martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Pyphomgertum - Intro / Pyphomgertum (The Firstborn Dimension)

Pyphomgertum was a mexican old school death metal band, formed around 1992.
They released 2 demos before being signed to Bellphegot Records, who first released a splity release with Swedish band Dawn, called "The Dark Light"/"The Eternal Forest".


Advance to the dimension
The place where the nature laws
Are feature of lie
Where thy soul is rest
While your body
Ja now in the earth
Like zombie is looking for blood
To calm down their pain
Your soul is on the ecstasis
While your body destroy
Why baphomet is splattering blood
Blood for their priest and their believers
Did you remind the black church massacre?
How do you dismember the black monks
The screams of pain from those pigas
Are translated to pleasure to my soul
Pyphomgertum: The place where satan will cry
Pyphomgertum: The place where satan will die!!!

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